Whats happening with the newsletter/course?

its been a while...

It has been a while since the last Newsletter so I thought i’d provide an update on whats happening with the Newsletter, Podcast and the How to IT Strategy course.

Well, at the moment, not much. I’m taking a break from the newsletter, podcast and developing the course for a few months. After trying to juggle work, newsletter, podcast, course development with also trying to study (i’m working towards a Coaching qualification) and trying to have a personal life, I realised something had to give, I wasn’t doing justice to any of them or making enough progress and that was making me feel poo. So, a few months ago i made a decision, for the next few months I’m going to be focusing on my studies, once I am happy with the progress I’m making I will then definitely return to the newsletter, podcast and course, but importantly I’ll return better, for Two reasons

1) I’ll have more time to focus on them and therefore they’ll be better

2) I’ll be able to apply some of what i’ve learnt in my coaching studies and practice to the newsletter, podcast and course, so they’ll be better

Thanks for bearing with me, think of this newsletter as a marker for the end of ‘season 1’ and a reminder that ‘season 2’ will be back before you know it and be better than ever!



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